Call for Papers – 2nd Workshop on Architectural Evolution toward 6H Networks – 6GARCH, 4-8 December 2022

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The 2nd Workshop on Architectural Evolution toward 6G Networks – 6GARCH is part of IEEE Global Communications Conference, taking place from 4-8 December 2022 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

– Paper Submission Deadline: extended deadline 7 August 2022
– Paper Acceptance Notification: 15 September 2022
– Camera-Ready: 7 October 2022

3GPP standardization has been progressing at an astonishingly rapid phase, where Release 15 and Release 16 have set the foundations of the 5G system, while Release 17 provides enhancements and optimizations to enable support for further use cases. In parallel to 5G standardization efforts, several initiatives worldwide endeavour to drive and support the evolution of smart networks and services. Among others Europe is establishing the Joint Undertaking on Smart Networks and Services in the frame of the Horizon Europe programme for research and innovation. Other initiatives are complementing the European initiative, such as Secure 5G & Beyond Act in the U.S., roadmap towards 6G in Japan, MSIT 6G programme in S. Korea, MIIT 6G programme in China and BRASIL6G in Brazil.
The workshop solicits papers from the global research community on advanced visions and concepts for key architectural innovations for beyond 5G and 6G mobile and wireless networks. The workshop will provide the floor for reflection and discussion about requirements and architectural considerations for future generation of mobile systems. The focus will be on technology and design recommendations that will allow to move from 5G and beyond towards a fully-fledged 6G architecture as indicated in the list of related topics of interest.

– Fundamentally new radio technology architectures
– Terahertz and beyond frequencies and related channel models
– Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces
– Inherent AI-driven network governance
– AI/ML empowered RAN Intelligent optimization
– Dynamic dependability and high resilience
– Time-sensitive wireless/mobile networks
– High-resolution localisation
– E2E Network Slicing and Deep Slicing to support diverse verticals
– Open Testbeds and facilities to assess new technology enablers.
– Non-terrestrial and 3D networking
– 6G architectural enablers addressing e.g. important KPIs such as energy efficiency
– Industry landscape and Standardization efforts for intelligent and cloud-based RAN
– Testbeds/Experimentation to validate or support the intelligent and cloud-based RAN
– Network Architecture Evolution
– New Protocols

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