List of Public Deliverables

Deliverable No. Deliverable name Abstract
D1.1ARIADNE use case definition and system requirementsAbstract
D1.2Channel and propagation modelsAbstract
D1.3Performance evaluation resultsAbstract
D2.1Initial results in Dband directional links analysis, system performance assessment, and algorithm designsAbstract
D2.2Initial results in Dband Ad-hoc wireless connectivity analysis, communication theory beyond Shannon, and algorithm designAbstract
D2.3Final results in directional links analysis, and algorithm designsAbstract
D2.4Final results in directional and Adhoc links analysis, Dband communication theory framework, and algorithm designsAbstract
D3.1Report on baseband and antenna conceptsAbstract
D3.2Report on simulations of first RFIC implementationsAbstract
D3.3Report on the baseband design, D-band antenna designs and metasurfacesAbstract
D3.4Report on fabricated MMICs and frontend performanceAbstract
D4.1Initial results on adaptive directional LOS and NLOS reliable connectivityAbstract
D4.2Intelligent D-band wireless systems and networks initial designsAbstract
D4.3Final results on adaptive directional LOS and NLOS reliable connectivityAbstract
D4.4Intelligent D-band networks designsAbstract
D5.1Report on the demonstration scenarios and description of testbed implementation planAbstract
D5.2Report on the demo preparation and integration activitiesAbstract
D5.3Report on the final demonstrationAbstract
D6.1Dissemination and Communication PlanAbstract
D6.3Standardisation activitiesAbstract
D6.4Final report on standardisation activitiesAbstract
D6.5Business modelling and exploitation plans reportAbstract
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