With the aspiration to transform the current (5G) wireless thinking from focusing on “local” network improvements (e.g. isolating the radio access level or the resources management level etc.), to realizing a longer term vision of pervasive mobile virtual services, through a network managing computing and connectivity functions in an integrated way, ARIADNE envisions to bring together a novel high frequency advanced radio architecture and an Artificial Intelligence network processing and management approach in a unified system beyond 5G concept.

ARIADNE will investigate, theoretically analyse, design, develop, and showcase in a proof of concept demonstrator, an innovative wireless communications concept addressing networks beyond 5G, in which ultra-high spectral efficient and reliable communications in the bandwidth-rich D-band can be dynamically established and reconfigured by Machine Learning based design and intelligent network management, in both “Line of Sight” (LOS) and “Non-Line of Sight” (NLOS) environments.

The ARIADNE Pillars

  1. The ARIADNE project will develop new radio technologies for communications using the above 100GHz D-Band frequency ranges.
  2. ARIADNE will exploit the opportunities emerging for advanced connectivity based on metasurfaces where objects in the environment can become tuneable reflectors for shaping the propagation environment in D-band.
  3. ARIADNE will employ Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence techniques to management necessary for high-frequency communications together with dynamic assignment and reconfiguration of the metasurfaces, so as to provide continuous and reliable high-bandwidth connections in the Beyond-5G scenario.


  • Experimentally validate on software and hardware the theoretical findings and technological developments,
  • Qualitatively and quantitatively assess the practical limitations and obstacles of AI-aided D-band communication systems in a real-life operating environment,
  • Assess the feasibility of the proposed architecture and individual components/functionalities integration, and
  • Identify possible accelerators for the adoption of AI-aided D-band wireless in the roadmaps of systems beyond 5G and potential limitations that may consist showstoppers and ways to overcome the associated obstacles.

ARIADNE objectives and Vision

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