Grade of Novelty

    Radical Innovation

    Completely new with high market impact. Paradigm shift for the customer and long-lasting diversification to a market competitor.

    Improved Innovation

    Significant improvement compared to an existing product line or process. Improvements at about 30%

    Routine Innovation

    Optimised existing solution which results in reduced production costs.

    (10MB max. file size | allowed formats JPG, PNG, PPTX, PPT, PDF, ZIP)

    Smart cities and transportationAutomotiveeHealthUtilitiesMedia/EntertainmentPublic SafetyFinancialDigital RetailSmart Agriculture/AquacultureOther industry (please specify)



    Background knowledge/IP is knowledge/IP that was brought into the 5G-VINNI project for collaborative work on open innovation within 5G-VINNI and that supplied by the partners at the start of the project.


    Results developed in the course of the 5G-VINNI project; it will be owned by the partner producing it (ownership and joined ownership rules will be defined in CA). Such development could also take the form of open source contributions, which are leveraged by 5G-VINNI project especially if they create or enhance modules that could lead to de-facto standards. In such a case, it will be every partner responsibility to comply with the license scheme of the targeted open source alliance.

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