Webinar on Presentation & Results of Project ARIADNE

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On 15 March 2023, at 14:30 – 16:30 CET , project ARIADNE will present and discuss its results achieved during the project life time.

The ARIADNE project has been working around the following three pillars:

– Development of new radio technologies for communications using the above 100GHz D-Band frequency ranges.

– Exploitation of the opportunities emerging for advanced connectivity based on metasurfaces where objects in the environment can become tuneable reflectors for shaping the propagation environment in D-band.

– Employment of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence techniques to management necessary for high-frequency communications together with dynamic assignment and reconfiguration of the metasurfaces, so as to provide continuous and reliable high-bandwidth connections in the Beyond-5G scenarios.

The detailed agenda for the ARIADNE Webinar will be provided soon. Please, mark the Webinar date in your calendars!

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