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On 15 March 2023, Project ARIADNE presented a webinar on the overview of project activities and its results achieved during the project life time. The event witnessed more than 55 participants. Mr. Halid Hrasnica, EURESCOM, Project Co-Ordinator welcomed the speakers and participants. The event took off with  the presentation from Technical Project Leader of the ARIADNE project, Angeliki Alexiou, University of Piraeus. She gave an overview on the technical aspects of the project and the contribution by the Project in standardization activities. This was followed by presentation by by Joonas Kokkoniemi, University of Oulu giving insights on channel characterization, in D band(110-170GHz). He emphasized on channel models and their importance on the LoS links established, as they carry the most capacity. He also shared important measurements on testbeds at Aalto university and example from Nokia ray tracer in Helsinki. The next presentation by Xuchen Wang from Aalto University gave deep overview on the Implementation of Metasurfaces / RIS – from characterization and manufacturing to testing and demonstration.

With the goal of Machine Learning and AI in management of demanding high-frequency communications Fotis Lazarakis, Demokritos, gave the project ARIADNE´s perspective, how problems in wireless media were resolved by forcasting. This was further emphasized by Edwin Yaqub, Rapidminer from data science perspective user association strategies and optimizing application resources as these problems need to be solved for dense networks and network evolving. He also presented the important outcomes that range from creating intelligent models and the possible future work. He also demonstrated the

Towards the end ARIADNE Advisory Board members addressed the consortium, Professor Tadao Nagatsuma (Osaka University) a world renown expert in mmWave and THz frequencies,congratulated on the outcomes and the project success.

Professor John Vardaxoglou (Loughborough University) a world renown expert in metasurfaces, advised– see in holistic view on beyond Shannon. It would be good to show how we go beyond the Shannon.

Professor Patrick Gallinari (Sorbonne University) a world renown expert in Machine Learning thanked for the invitation and was impressed with online learning, deploy different types of AI/ML techniques. All the discussed problems are complex and well handled in the project.

How close are simulations to the future real networks? System model to be complex, add real time constraints, tackle time,space & frequency were some topics that brought deeper exchange and engagement.

To wrap the event Halid invited ARIADNE webinar participants -to visit website and explore sections on publications & news.


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